LOCAL tradies are proving they are the ultimate ‘Toolbox for the Tropics.’  From pools to gardens, to fans to home renovations, our expert tradies make up a unique network of businesses serving the Douglas community.

Known for their professionalism, reliability and specialised skills and local knowledge, our Douglas tradies also operate with genuine support and respect for each other – making them another great example of the Douglas Merry-Go-Round of community spirit.

Local businesses Handy Cam, Geoff Ward Plumbing, Hortulus Landscape Design and Management, Port Douglas Pool Shop, and BH Electrics feature in the latest Buy Douglas Build Douglas video filmed at a house in Mowbray Valley.

Representing the local trades network, Cam, Isaac, John, and Chris provide some timely advice to the community as we head into the wet season.

Isaac from Geoff Ward Plumbing believes it is important to ‘tap into’ the specialised knowledge of trades that operate in the region.  He said using a licensed local plumber makes a massive difference.

“Buy Douglas Build Douglas to me means keeping things local,” he said.

“Coming into the wet season now we need to start looking at your storm water drains and roofing. We have years of experience in dealing with heavy wet season rain and understanding the impact of the seasons.”

Cam from Handy Cam has some important advice for people renovating in the tropics. “Even if you don’t get a professional and you want to do it by yourself, always ask a professional to understand what you need to do and what tools and experience will be required,” he said. “We want to help you get it right.”

Chris from Port Douglas Pool Shop had some essential tips for those all-important pools: “Spend a bit of time with your pool net, get the water tested regularly and make sure your pool is nice and full – tropical heat can evaporate water quickly,” he said. “Ultimately we want to ensure that you have a safe and healthy swim.”

John from Hortulus tells us the key to a great garden is the landscaping design: “It can be as simple as getting the right plant in the right spot,” he said. “We do get 5 months of dry season so having some irrigation and really good soil preparation is key.”

Brad from BH Electrics offers advice regarding fans and air circulation: “Given their heavy use in this region fans can fail over time, it could be a controller on the wall or the capacitor,” he said. “Fans should be functional throughout the day in the wet season. Even if just on low speed, it’s important to keep the air moving in your property.”

Like the Merry Go Round of the Big Breakfast and Making Artisan Dreams Come True videos, our Toolbox for the Tropics is another story of the strength, comradery, and uniqueness of the Douglas business community.

#DoItInDouglas this wet season.