TS Print and Embroidery is a local silk screen printing and embroidery company which has been operating in Port Douglas for the last ten years.

The company specialises in providing screen printed or embroidered work uniforms for all trades.

Owners Shane and Janette Saxon have over 30 years’ experience in the print trade and is keen for those looking for embroidery or screen printing services, to consider supporting a locally owned business.

“Putting your logo on employees’ shirts is a great way to build familiarity with your business as the branding reaches people at a different level than if they see it on social media, or in print.

“Some of the places we already do work for are Salsa Bar, Court House, Quicksilver Group of Companies, Central Hotel, Paddy’s Bar, Rattle & Hum and AFL Crocs,” Janette said.

“We would love the opportunity to provide a quote for any screen print or embroidery job – large or small.  Our quality is exceptional, and new customers are often surprised to find our prices are competitive.”

TS Print and Embroidery has a workshop and showroom in Craiglie which presently is open 9am to midday weekdays, until such time as things return to some semblance of normalcy.

Visitors are welcome during that time, or you can contact Janette on 0439 373 753 or email orders or enquiries anytime to info@tsprintembroidery.com.au