After Dark Adventures Arrive in the Forest

AN AFTER Dark guided tour through remote parts of the Daintree Rainforest is like a real-life documentary for visitors.

Jungle Escapes, the brainchild of Daintree local Ian Samuels, was founded in July 2020 – during the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As tourism suffered above all, Ian shows us that with a bit of pivoting, a lot of stoicism, and a willingness to give it a darn good crack, exciting new ventures can come from tough times.

Jungle Escapes offers Daintree goers a unique experience in the forest with guided evening treks in remote parts of the Daintree.  Based in Cape Tribulation, Ian takes visitors across tracks spread on over 20 hectares of beautiful World-Heritage rainforest.

A lifelong local and keen conservationist, Ian has a scientific understanding of the rainforest.  Add his wicked sense of humour, he offers an entertaining insight into the forest with his self-described David Attenborough meets Monte Python style.

“The rainforest is alive at night, and it’s absolutely magical to explore its beauty and mystery after dark,” says Ian.

“We offer visitors a real-life documentary – a deep dive into the rainforest, and its wildlife.  Keeping our tours small, we tailor each experience to the abilities of the group.”

Ian is an advocate for businesses across the river, striving to incorporate, support and promote the network of hospitality and tourism providers in Cape Tribulation, and the wider Daintree.

“We are experiencing a once in a lifetime opportunity,” Ian tells us.

“We now have droves of Aussies travelling to tropical destinations within Australia instead of abroad, and they’re thirsty to experience the treasures of Australia, and support the local operators.”

“Its time to open up again, welcome our visitors, new residents and new businesses.  Let’s showcase the Daintree – it’s world-heritage listed, largely untouched and absolutely magnificent.”